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    In this rapidly changing world it is important that, as well as succeeding academically in formal examinations, every young person can develop a range of skills including critical thinking, problem solving, working with others and proficiency in ICT.

    Our Senior Phase structure in S5/6 allows pupils to select a Wider Achievement Opportunity (WAO), along with their SQA courses. Wider Achievement is an important aspect of Curriculum for Excellence. It refers to learning opportunities beyond the classroom and curriculum subjects that give students the opportunity to develop important skills for learning, life and work. These opportunities take place during the school week and involve two periods of allocated time and an expectation for pupils to use some of their own time. The WAOs allow pupils to develop skills, which are essential for learning, life and work. They allow our young people to have experiences and opportunities beyond the normal school subject curriculum that develop self-confidence and self-belief, as well as helping them to grow as young adults and prepare them for life beyond school.

    The Wider Achievement opportunities are therefore very important. They have a clearly defined purpose and are integral to every pupil’s development. They can also make the difference to employers, university/college admission officers when selecting entrants to join their organisations.

    All S5 and S6 pupils will participate in one Wider Achievement Opportunity each year.

    Please click on the wakelet link https://wke.lt/w/s/qD9UME, look at the course information booklet or access the QR code to view the opportunities available to pupils.    

    Please note that there is a possibility that not every course that has been advertised will run and due to popularity or limitation on the number of places available, some courses may be oversubscribed. As a result, it may not be possible to guarantee everyone their first choice. For this reason, pupils are asked to make three choices and rank them in order of preference.

    Pupils should pick their top three preferences by completing the survey embedded in the wakelet page or by clicking the link below by Tuesday 24 May.


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