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S3 Standardised Assessments



As part of the National Improvement Framework, the Scottish Government has brought out Scottish National Standardised Assessments which will help teachers understand how well your child is progressing and to plan next steps in areas including literacy and numeracy.


Only pupils in S3 will be required to take part in the assessments of which there are three - one in reading, one in writing and one in numeracy. There is no preperation required for the exams and they are done online with the marking done straight away. 


The assessments have been designed to fit into everyday lessons so that there is no disruption to learning. Pupils need not worry about being able to complete them as there is no time limit and the assessments are adaptive, which means that if a child is experiencing difficulty, the questions will get easier, and if a child is doing well, the questions will become more challenging. In this way, the assessments establish children’s capacity without them having to face lots of questions that are too easy or too hard for them to answer. There is no pass or fail.


For more information, please visit https://standardisedassessment.gov.scot/parents-and-carers/