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    2021 - 2022 Transition and progressions - Moving to Levenmouth

    This is a page to support transitions from our Cluster Primary Schools into Levenmouth Academy - a smooth start means that the important business of Learning and Teaching can continue.

    Many families feel anxious about transitions - this is normal and we will do all we can to help with the process.  You are now part of the Levenmouth Family.

    If you scroll to the very bottom, there is a "Frequently Asked Questions" section that covers most regular enquiries

    Welcome Class of 2022



    Pupil Support

    As we continue on our journey to becoming a digital school, we have created videos  of the school to help our young people , families and new staff to become familiar with our campus.  You are welcome to watch these below, and we hope that it gives you an insight into the building that you will soon call 'your school'.

    A Wing  -Pupil Support, Enhanced Support, English & Social Subjects



    B Wing - Drama, Music & Art



    C Wing - DET, Biology, Chemistry, Physics


    D Wing - Home Economics, Modern Languages, Business, Computing & Maths




    Physical Education  - Virtual tour and Meet and greet


     We have a strong transition programme which has been recognised as best practice at a South East Improvement Collaborative event, but as an ambitious and improving school, we are keen to build on this.  Arrangements are already well underway for enhanced transition, and we have already spent a great deal of time working hard to ensure your young people get the best possible transition experience.

    This page outlines the universal transition arrangements which all pupils will receive.  We have a robust programme of enhanced transition which has been reviewed for 2020 - 2021 and again in 2021 - 2022 - including specific enhanced transition days.  

    DHT (Transition) - Mr Forbes Maginnis


    Follow us on twitter @LevenmouthAc


    Along with the majority of schools, we use our Official Twitter Feed (www.twitter.com/LevenmouthAc) to share information.  Being a very large organisation, sending letters home can cost in excess of £1,500 for just one page, so we use contemporary, digital methods.  We would ask all parents/carers/guardians/families and young people to follow us on twitter from P5 onwards, so you can see what is happening at our school.

    The app is FREE to download.  You only need to download it once.  Once downloaded and signed in (which you also need to only do once), just search @LevenmouthAc and press FOLLOW.  It is as simple as this.  Our twitter feed shares pupil successes, learning experiences and aims to connect with our community.  We regularly have in excess of 20,000 engagements every day.  Over 20 members of staff regularly contribute and is a great way to see, in real time, what is happening at Levenmouth Academy.


    Virtual Welcome to Levenmouth Event


    Pre-COVID,  we have previously taken the opportunity to host all Senior Phase primary school pupils from P4-P7 at Levenmouth Academy.  This would normally take place over two evenings, consisting of a brief introduction and welcome presentation from members of staff, followed by a tour of our learning campus.  Following our primary-school-specific evenings, this would normally provide an opportunity for people to come together from across the cluster - with the COVID-19 mitigations in place, we have had a highly successful move to a VIRTUAL WELCOME event, attended by over 200 people, which has been rated as VERY GOOD  to EXCELLENT by over 95% of those responding to the electronic surveys.

    Our virtual roadshows took place at 1800 - 1915 and 1930 - 2100 for all schools.


    Virtual Levenmouth PUPIL LEADERS


    Depute Headteacher and a group of pupil leaders will visit our associate primary schools to present on our school vision, values and aims.  Our Pupil Leaders are expert and well connected to young people and young people enjoy this!

    This session will provide an insight into what our school offers future generations of learners, and provides the chance for parents and pupils from P1-P7 to meet with key staff and have the chance to have conversations regarding education in the Levenmouth Cluster  This event has taken place virtually due to COVID-19 however we will be looking at the most COVID-19 safe way for this to take place in person during this session.  Dates TBC

    Levenmouth Academy Roadshow



    Aberhill Primary School

    April 2022


    Balcurvie Primary School

    April 2022


    Buckhaven Primary School

    April 2022


    Coaltown of Wemyss Primary School

    April 2022


    Denbeath Primary School

    April 2022


    East Wemyss Primary School

    April 2022


    Kennoway Primary School

    April 2022


    Methilhill Primary School

    April 2022


    Mountfleurie Primary School

    April 2022


    Parkhill Primary School

    April 2022


    St Agatha's RCPS

    April 2022



    For the first time in 3 years, we are delighted to welcome P7 for a Physical Visit to Levenmouth.  They will have a full day immersive experience, visiting classrooms and meeting key members of staff.

    The dates are:

    Tuesday 14th June Wednesday 15th June Thursday 16th June
    Buckhaven Primary Kennoway Primary East Wemyss Primary
    St Kenneth's RCPS Placing Req Methilhill Primary St Agatha's RC Primary Placing Req
    Denbeath Primary Mountfleurie Primary Parkhill Primary
    Balcurvie Primary Aberhill Primary
    Coaltown of Wemyss Primary
    Lochgelly South Primary Placing Req


    Please see some frequently asked questions (FAQs) below:


    Q: When will my child get their MyFife Entitlement Card

    A: These are send directly to Levenmouth Academy from Fife Council – we will issue these      when the young people start


    Q: How do MyFife Entitlement Cards work?

    A: Details online at https://www.fife.gov.uk/kb/docs/articles/education2/schools-in-fife/school-meals/primary-7-myfife-info-school-meals-library


    Q: Do you accept cash in the dining hall

    A: Yes


    Q: Do you have to wear Levenmouth Academy uniform?

    A: Yes – can be purchased online at www.alansantryschoolwear.co.uk


    Q: How do the bus passes work?

    A: Primary Schools applied for/organised these. They will be sent to your home address


    Q: How is my bus allocated?

    A: This is done centrally by Fife Council, and is based on postcode and bus capacity


    Q: What if I need to change the bus I have been allocated to

    A: You can email Transport.Enquiries@fife.gov.uk to explain the situation.


    Q: I don’t have a bus timetable – what do I do?

    A: Bus timetables are available online at https://www.levenmouthacademy.org.uk/Bus-Timetables-Levenmouth-Academy/ and are (usually) printed in the local press


    Q: Where do I go on day one?

    A: Staff and seniors will direct you – but you should make your way around the outside of the PE wing to the rear of the school (North side of D Wing, at PE hall end (red brick and black cladding) opposite the drainage pond


    Q: How will I know where to go?

    A: Your class will have senior buddies, and please bring your map! The school is easy to navigate, is colour coded and there is clear signage


    Q: Can I drop my child off rather than bus/walking?

    A: Yes – but you must drop them in the large rear car park – do not block/stop near roundabout


    Q: Can I stop on the main access road or front car park?

    A: No – Red Lines mean no stopping at any time.  Front car park by arrangement with support faculty online, all car drivers should go to rear car park, aiming to avoid the bell times


    Q: Can I go near the pond?

    A: NO! This is not a pond, it is a sustainable drainage area – it is waste water and no pupils should be near this area


    Q: Will I get more information on Facebook?

    A: No, we do not have a facebook page – please follow on twitter @LevenmouthAc

    Q: I don’t use twitter – what do I do?

    A: Download the app – it is free – register for free and search “@LevenmouthAc” and click follow. This will get you following our school account

    Q: Can I bring valuable equipment (mobile phone etc)

    A: This is entirely at your own risk.  We are not insured for loss, damage or theft. This is your decision but bring equipment at your own risk. Please consider adding devices to your home insurance policy


    Q: Who is responsible for my valuables, money, bags, clothes (etc)

    A: The young person has full responsibility.    We are not insured for loss, damage or theft.


    Q: Can my child go out for his/her/their lunch?

    A: For the first month, we prefer pupils to stay on campus.  If you (as parent/carer) give your child/children permission to leave at lunchtime, they become your responsibility. We have responsibility on school campus only.  If they choose to leave at break/lunch, we are no longer responsible.  Please encourage them to stay on campus.


    Q: Are buses supervised?

    A: No – Our pupils travel on service buses which operate as LA1-LA12 to provide a transport service. Many of the buses are equipped with CCTV. If your child does not behave on the bus, Stagecoach/A1 Coaches reserve the right to remove their bus pass, or instruct us to do so on their behalf.  Pupils should display responsible behaviour or may be unable to travel.


    Q: Can my child use the toilet if they need?

    A: Yes – they should ask their teacher.  We would suggest that they go at break and lunchtimes but we understand that for a whole variety of reasons, young people may need a comfort break.  If there is a specific medical need that necessitates regular toilet-use, please inform the PT Pupil Support who will issue a toilet pass (medical).


    Q: Who do I contact if I have a concern?

    A: Please contact the PT Pupil Support in the first instance.


    Q: Can I pop up to school if I have a concern?

    A: No – you must first make an appointment to speak with someone either on the phone or via a teams appointment.  Currently, we are not permitted visitors due to COVID restrictions, except in (pre-defined) exceptional circumstances.


    Phone Number: 01592 583118

    Email address: LevenmouthAcademy.Enquiries@fife.gov.uk

    Website: www.levenmouthacademy.org.uk

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/LevenmouthAc


    We look forward to welcoming your young person into the Levenmouth Academy community, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional assistance.


    Best Wishes,


    Forbes Maginnis

    (DHT School Improvement / DHT Transitions)