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    Poverty Proofing at levenmouth

    Cost of The School Day Statement

    At Levenmouth Academy, we recognise that there can often be financial barriers to education for all our young people, and particularly those living in poverty. We realise that we need to reduce the Cost of the School Day for our pupils, and in doing so “poverty proof” our school community. We want, and therefore must enable, all our young people to take full and equal advantage of the opportunities available to them and we are constantly reviewing how we can reduce extra costs for parents and carers. Achieving Equity and Excellence is a key priority for our 2020/2021 School Improvement Plan.

    Unfortunately, some of these initiatives are subject to COVID-19 restrictions. However, we are working to find creative ways to still provide each and every young person with opportunities.

    There are a number of ways in which we are already doing this; uniform, travel, food and drink, the provision of subject specific equipment, wellbeing, clubs, and recently, the provision for home/remote learning.


    The Child Poverty Action Group have created a resource aimed at supporting families facing financial barriers around education and aims to make sure that these families get the support they need. Click the link to find out more.  


    Financial Support for Families and Young People

    As part of our School Improvement Plan, Levenmouth Academy is working to make our school curriculum equitable and accessible for all while striving for excellence in all areas. In our recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are aiming to ‘build back better’, by ensuring we effectively rebuild, recover and reconnect while supporting our pupils to achieve positive outcomes.


    The following link may provide support or further information for families and young people facing financial difficulties. These include Free School Meals, Clothing Grants, information about the Educational Maintenance Allowance, Trust Funds, Food Banks and Emergency Food Supplies, Period Poverty and COVID-19 support for families.


    Information and Support

     Help for Balancing your Budget

    our equity initiatives


    Period Poverty

    Scotland was the first country in the world to provide free sanitary products for all people who menstruate.

    Levenmouth Academy has supplies available to those who wish to take them. These can be collected from all toilet blocks throughout the school and from a number of classrooms.



    This is an opportunity for pupils, after a referral from Pupil Support, to access a shower in the morning. They can wash their hair, brush their teeth, and apply deodorant. Pupils can also have their clothes washed and replaced if necessary. 


    ‘Freshen Up’

    Good personal hygiene can contribute to a more positive body image, improved mental health, and in turn improve our own personal wellbeing. However, we recognise that not everyone has access to, or can afford, basic hygiene products and this can have a negative impact on attendance and attainment at school.

    Therefore, we have a large collection of toiletry packs for those who wish to take them to use. These include shampoo, shower gel and deodorant. If you would like one of these, please speak to your Pupil Support teacher or Miss Wilson in A203.



    Young people from low-income households are entitled to Free School Meals and a Clothing Grant of £100 per child. You can find more information on this by clicking here.

    Additionally, we collect new and pre-worn uniform items to create a clothing bank to provide for pupils.

    If you would like to collect any items, please speak to your Pupil Support teacher.

    Levenmouth Academy also provides a new tie to our new S1 pupils in August.



    poverty proofing the curriculum


    To support our senior pupils, Levenmouth Academy has a subscription to Digital Theatre Plus. This allows pupils to view recorded performances of live theatre which they need to view as part of their Drama course. Levenmouth Academy is one of the only schools in Fife to provide this resource for pupils.

    Home Economics

    We do not ask pupils to pay for anything in Home Economics. All food containers and items made such as fabric garments are fully funded by the school. We are the only Home Economics department in Fife to provide this.

    Art and Design

    There are a number of resources available to pupils: