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    Levenmouth Academy Library




    Our library looks out onto the magnificent Firth of Forth from the first floor of Levenmouth Academy and offers a fine view on a sunny day. 

    The library is one of the biggest and busiest in Fife (and Scotland) and represents a significant investment in the young people of Levenmouth’s education, serving over 1600 pupils.

    The library is staffed by a chartered librarian who works in partnership with subjects across the school to promote reading for enjoyment, information literacy and also supports departmental development.

     Our Library has: 

    This document offers some suggested reading for S1 + S2 pupils

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    Opening HOURS


    Day Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4
    Monday 0830 - 1035 1055 - 1310 1330 - 1530 1530 - 1630
    Tuesday 0830 - 1035 1055 - 1310 1330 - 1530 1530 - 1630
    Wednesday 0830 - 1035 1055 - 1310 1330 - 1530 1530 - 1630
    Thursday 0830 - 1035 1055 - 1310 1330 - 1530 1530 - 1630
    Friday 0830 - 1035 1055 - 1310 1330 - 1530

    The library is open from 0830 to allow pupils to come in and catch up on homework, read or change library books, or use the computer facilities.

    Also, the library is open for an hour at the end of the day from 1530 for independent study.


    Borrowing policy


    Pupils may borrow up to three books for three weeks. Any book can be renewed unseen for another three weeks if not recalled by another reader. All books are the readers’ responsibility and they must take care of the books issued in their name.


    Mission statement 


    Aim: The school library exists to support the learning and teaching that goes on in the school.


    1. To ensure equality of opportunity for access to information.
    2. To provide reading opportunities for all year groups in the school in order to promote literacy.
    3. To ensure students and staff are effective users of ideas and information.
    4. Students are empowered to become critical thinkers, skilful researchers and ethical users of information.
    5. Ensure the librarian is placed at the heart of the school and working in partnership with various departments.