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    Careers help in school


    Welcome to the section on the Levenmouth Academy website where you can find information on career advice.

    The school works alongside Skills Development Scotland (SDS) who are Scotland’s careers service, where qualified Careers Advisers work in schools and careers centres across the whole of Scotland.

    At Levenmouth Academy, your SDS Careers Advisers are Sharon Lennie and Brian McKenna. During the current pandemic you can get in touch with them through the school or contacting them directly at the following:-



    SDS Careers Advisers are there for you all through school, helping you get ready for what you’ll do when you leave. Some people think Careers Advisers are here to tell you what to do. Not true! And they won’t say ‘no’ or ‘you can’t’ either.


    Normally through a combination of group sessions, one-to-one interviews and drop in clinics, Louise and Brian will help you understand how your personality, interests and values are key to making the right career decisions. They can also help you understand how to develop and use your talents and skills, explore where they could take you, and identify who can help you along on your career journey.


    SDS Careers Advisers will also be able to support your parents, carers and teachers when it comes to talking about careers.


    The work of SDS Careers Advisers is supported by our careers website My World of Work.

    You can use it to explore your career, skills and learning opportunities right through your school and working life.