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    S4/5 Curriculum Pathway

    information for session 2022/2023


    Dear Parent/Carer,

    In January 2022, young people moving from S4 into S5 and S5 into S6 are offered the chance to refine their curriculum and to choose the subjects they would like to study in their final years in Levenmouth Academy.  It is now time for your child to make decisions about the preferred subjects for 2022-2023.

    Pupils have a personal choice of the five subjects they wish to study. However, we generally recommend that pupils choose progression from the subjects studied in S4/S5. We encourage pupils to create a senior phase plan and consider the ‘total bank of qualifications’ with which they would hope to leave school with. This means that they should consider their planned point of exit from school and, therefore, consider their Curriculum Pathway over one or two years to ensure that they make the best use of their talents and abilities and take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the school and its partners.

    The Curriculum Pathways booklet provides information about the courses we offer in S5/6. You can also click on the links below to find direct information on available courses.

    Choosing the most appropriate route is a matter that each learner will wish to discuss with you at home, and the information in this booklet is designed to assist you with the decision-making process. Parents/Carers have a big influence on what our pupils choose to do so it is important that you are aware of all the opportunities/options open to them. The National Parent Forum of Scotland have produced a document ‘Learner journey in a nutshell’ which is a good starting point for all parents.  


    As with all Curriculum Pathway processes, we must emphasise that not all courses listed will necessarily run. This will depend on staffing, accommodation and pupil uptake. However, it is our intention to provide as many opportunities as we can to enable your child to follow the pathway that is the most appropriate for them.

    All pupils in S5/6 will also select a Wider Achievement Opportunity (WAO), which they will study for two periods per week. Pupils will select this later in this academic session.


    College Partnership Courses

    In addition to the wide range of curriculum pathways offered at Levenmouth Academy, our college partnership with Fife College provides additional opportunities for our young people. Here is the range of opportunities currently on offer but please see the School – College Partnership section of our website for further information.



    Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Principal Teacher of Pupil Support at any time if you have any questions. It is essential that pupils start their courses in June with enthusiasm, commitment and the determination to succeed and achieve their personal best. All pupils will receive assistance, advice, encouragement and support as they strive to realise their full potential and make the most of the opportunities available to them.


     curriculum pathway process


    In making choices pupils need to complete two steps:

    Curriculum Pathway Options Form

    All current S4/5 pupils should complete all sections of the Curriculum Pathway Options form. A paper copy of this form will be included with the Tracking Report, which pupils will receive on Wednesday 12 January 2022. You will also find it here

    Pupils must tick the subject/level of course they would like to study.

    Pupils must get their class teacher or the PT of the department to sign off the correct level for each course chosen.

    The form must be signed by a parent/carer and the pupil before returning it to school reception by Friday 21 January 2022.


    Online Curriculum Pathway Options

    Using the paper version of the form as a guide, pupils should log in to the online system at https://studentoptions.co/Levenmouth-S45. All pupils will receive their unique username and passcode to access this in a parental letter sent home with their Tracking Report.



    Once logged in, pupils should enter their five chosen courses and levels into the system.


    Pupil choices will not be submitted until they have entered these online and hit ‘confirm’.

    Online Curriculum Pathways system will be open from Thursday 13 January 2022 and will close on Thursday 20 January 2022. All pupils must have made their choices by this date. Principal Teachers of Pupil Support will meet with pupils at the end of January to review chosen courses. Please note that although we try as hard as possible to meet the choices of our pupils, due to class capacity and the structure of the timetable, it is not always possible for every pupil to achieve all the subjects they have requested. If there are any issues throughout the process, the relevant Principal Teacher of Pupil Support will contact you.



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    To make your online choices, click the green box below.




    For further information on choices available to Senior pupils, please watch this video by Skills Development Scotland