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    Dear Parent/Carer,

    A Curriculum Pathway is the journey through school that your child will take to achieve and attain the best outcome possible for themselves and their future. In January 2022, young people moving from S2 into S3 are offered the opportunity to refine their curriculum and reflect on their subjects from S1 and S2. It is now time for your child to make decisions about their preferred subjects for S3 and then progress with into S4.



    In S3, pupils will study seven subjects including English and Mathematics, which are compulsory in S3 and S4. In addition, they will also have four periods dedicated to PE, PSE and RMPS. Pupils should reflect on their choices carefully as these same seven subjects will be continued to SQA National Qualification level in S4.

    The Curriculum Pathway Information booklet below and subject information provides information about the courses on offer in S3, which will help with the decision-making process. Parents/carers have a big influence on what our pupils choose to do so it is important that you are aware of all the opportunities/options open to them.


    Making Selections


    To support pupils in making these choices the following arrangements are in place:

    The Curriculum Pathway Options form (see below) indicates the personalisation and choice available for your child in each area of the curriculum. Please discuss, complete and use this form with your child to finalise the subjects they wish to study in S3. The subjects that your child wishes to study should be written clearly on the lines under each subject circle and should be signed by your child and yourself before returning it to school by Friday 4 February 2022.


     Download Form


    Subjects 1 & 2 will be English and Maths (compulsory) and will be already in the system. Pupils should select Subjects 3 -7. Once all 5 subjects have been entered, they will be able to check the subjects entered. Pupils must hit ‘Confirm Choices’ before logging out.

    As with all Curriculum Pathway processes, we must emphasise that not all courses listed will necessarily run. This will depend on staffing, accommodation and pupil uptake. However, it is our intention to provide as many opportunities as we can to enable your child to follow the pathway that is the most appropriate for them. 


    Curriculum Pathway – Online Choices Portal

    Curriculum Pathway Options form (Paper Copy)


    What Courses Do we Offer?


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     Curriculum Pathway Information