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    Dragon’s Den (S1)

    Within this DES our S1 pupils at Levenmouth Academy will be given the opportunity to develop a product from scratch and ultimately pitch their product idea to our Panel of Dragon’s (just like on the TV).

    During the course pupils will work in teams to come up with a viable business idea. They will then have to work on their Business Plan for their product. This will involve looking at what their product does (and think of is strengths and iron out any weaknesses), look at their competition, their costings, develop a marketing campaign, estimate sales demand, carry out market research, etc. They will also have to produce a presentation that they will show to the Dragon’s.

    At the end each group will then pitch their idea to the Dragon’s and see who comes out alive!

    Guitar Hero (S1)

    Within this DES our S1 pupils at Levenmouth Academy will be asked to plan a World Tour for a band. This will involve them having to carry out all the tasks that would be needed to ensure the World Tour was a success. These will include plan routes, transport, accommodation, staffing, budgets, marketing, etc. This course will also look at ethical issues that may be faced by the management of any band when planning a World Tour. Furthermore, we will also venture into the area of globalisation of trade with the S1 pupils who pick this course. ICT will be fully embedded into the course.

    The course will culminate in the pupils taking part in the World Tour at the end of the course.

    Financial Management (S1)

    Within this DES our S1 pupils at Levenmouth Academy will look extensively at how important financial management is to us all. We will use materials from, for example, RBS Money Sense and other resources such as “Skint” which is a play used to emphasise the importance of managing our money correctly. We will also carry out web research to look at all the different sources of finance available to us as individuals. We will look at the advantages and disadvantages of each. We will also look at preparing Cash Budgets for ourselves and other individuals. Pupils will also use resources within the website www.practicalmoneyskills.com/games/moneymetropolis and financial games such as the Fife Enterprise Game to reinforce their learning. We will also look at where to get help/advice if we get into financial difficulties.

    Career Savvy (S2) 

    The Apprentice (S2)

    Within this DES pupils will be given the opportunity, over the course of the year, to develop their knowledge of the different kinds of organisations that we encounter each day.

    The course will start with the pupils having to set up and run their own small business. They will learn about the different types of businesses there are (e.g. sole trader, partnership, etc) and the aims and objectives of a private sector organisation. We will also look at the roles of departments within a business and the importance of budgeting. Pupils will work in a team to make a product that will be sold at an event in school and any profits made will be donated to charity.

    Pupils will then move on to look at Social Enterprises and will take part in the Microtyco scheme that is run each year throughout Britain.

    Finally, pupils will then organise a Social Event in school, such as a VE Day Commemoration. This will involve the pupils carrying out various tasks to ensure this event is well organised.

    Animation and Games Production (S2)

    An Animation and Games Production elective will help develop many work related skills during a pupil’s BGE. Pupils will build up a collection of individual game related programmes before applying the knowledge and skills gained to go on and develop their own games. Pupils will further develop their presentation skills by sharing good practice and presenting their ideas to the group. Finally, to end the course, pupils will have the chance to share their success with their peers.