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    Physics - BGE



    If you are always asking the question “Why does that happen?” you should think about studying physics.  Physics is knowledge about really amazing things like energy, forces and the different particles that make up everything in the universe. Some of this knowledge will allow you to start answering those questions.  You will have experienced this in the S1/S2 Science course.  If you do choose to study physics you will find it addictive and you will carry on asking and answering those questions for the rest of your life.



    In the Physics course, many different topics will be studied, including the following areas:




    On the physics course you will be busy doing the following things:



    You will develop skills for learning, life and work such as handling information, analysing and evaluating.



    Successful completion of the S3 course will allow the study of Physics at National Qualification level in S4.  These courses, in turn, will open up opportunities to continue study at higher and further levels.


    Possible college or university courses might be:



    Possible occupations are varied due to the vast skill set you will develop during your time in the Physics department. Potential to lead to a future career in one of the following areas: 


    Architect, Civil Engineer (building roads, bridges, buildings etc.), Computer Game Designer, Doctor, Electrician, Forensic Scientist, Graphic Artist, Lab Technician, Marine Scientist, Mobile Communications Engineer, Motor Mechanic, Naval Engineer, Oil Field Services Engineer, Optician, Pilot, Plumber, Product Design, Recording Engineer, Renewable Energies Engineer, Surveyor, Space Scientist, Teacher and Sports Injury Specialist.