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    Overall Winner: £50 Amazon Voucher

    Runner-up Prizes: to be confirmed.

    Lucky Lottery Prizes: a further 2 random participants will win £50 Amazon  Vouchers

    Download Sensory map 

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    Think about a local journey you take, either from home to school, to visit friends or anywhere you often go. Think about the smells you notice, the sounds you hear, what you can touch and how you feel at different parts of your journey. You are going to create something that records how that journey feels to you and what it is like to be there. It might be a long or a short walk, can you capture your experience somehow?


    The MAIN TASK is to represent the people, animals, plants and other features of a local walk that you do. Most people will draw a map (the simplest option, see template & examples) with lots of detail about the walk: street names, interesting features, trees, walls, animals, sounds, smells and, anything you notice. Anything at all!




    1. Standard option - Use the "sensory map" sheet Mr Zuill emailed to you, read the helpful instructions there. You can print this and draw on it, photograph/scan it and upload it, or you can work on it digitally and upload it like a photo. You can also find the sheet available by clicking this link


    2. Paper-based option - If you want to hand it in paper-based, put your entry into the box at Levenmouth Academy reception before the closing date. Printed copies of the Leven "sensory map" sheet are available at the Levenmouth Academy.



    3. Original option - Create your own style of document, it could be a poem, a short story, a photo montage in any format you like, upload it, using the link below. Note, you will have to be logged into Glow for this to work



    4. Digital option - If you create something digital which is online, such as a "my Leven walk" Tiktok, an animation or something like that, put the link onto a document (like a Word document) and upload the link inside it. Hopefully, the judges will be able to find it online!


    REMEMBER: everyone who enters has a chance to win big! 

    Closing date: Tuesday 23rd June 2020.    Prizes Awarded shortly afterwards!