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    National 4/5 Dance

    The National Dance course consists of two units:


    Assessment at N5 consists of three components:

    Performance: Assesses a solo performance in one dance style and the candidate’s ability to apply and combine technical skills and performance skills. The performance has 35 marks (35% of the overall course award).

    Practical Activity: Assesses the candidate’s creation and presentation of choreography for a group of two dancers, and the application of problem solving, critical thinking, interpretation and reflective practice. There are two sections: Choreography and Choreographic Review. The Practical Activity has 65 marks (45% of the overall course award).

    Question Paper: 1 hour exam which assesses an evaluation of their own performance, knowledge and understanding of a chosen dance style and the evaluation of a professional choreography. The question paper has 30 marks (20% of the overall course award).


    Assessment at NPA 4 consists of three components:


    Performance: Demonstration of Jazz and Contemporary dance sequences (styles may vary)

    Choreography: Creating and evaluating short choreographic studies

    Written Coursework: Demonstrating a basic understanding of the chosen dance styles


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