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    Modern Languages - BGE

    Welcome to the BGE section of the Modern Languages department website.

    In BGE French we cover large broad topic areas each year with sub topics in each.


    Personal Information




    At the end of this topic you will complete a talking assessment and a writing assessment.





    Pets and Family

    School Life


    At the end of this topic you will complete a Listening and Reading assessment.

    School subjects and opinions

    The school day

    Telling the time


    Regular present tense verbs
    Free Time


    Leisure activities

    The weather



    Getting around town


    At the end of this topic you will complete a listening assessment and a reading progress check.

    Places in the town

    Describing your town

    Asking the way

    Daily Routine


    At the end of this topic you will complete a talking and a writing assessment

    Daily Routine

    Reflexive verbs

    Telling the time with the 24hr clock

    Food and Healthy Living

    At the of this topic you will complete a reading assessment

    Breakfast foods and drinks

    Lunch and Dinner foods

    Healthy Living

    Quantities and shops
    Talking about the Body

    Parts of the Body

    Illness and seeking medical advice
    Travel and Transport

    Means of transport

    The verb ‘aller’
    Une visite en France To round off S2 you will plan a three day trip to a city in France of your choice. You are in charge of everything. Travel, accommodation food, drink and activities.




    Bastille Day

    Le Tour de France
    Family and Friends

    Descriptions (physical and personality)


    Ideal parent/carer, friend and teacher


    Relationships- problems living with or getting on with each other.


    Household chores


    Pocket Money

    Media and Communication

    New technologies-computers, internet, smartphones




    Cinema and Television including studying a French film.
    School and Studying

    School subjects and timetable

    French school system


    Describing your school


    School rules

    School uniform

    Study of ‘Les Choristes’


    S3 Spanish (Spanish can be chosen instead of French in S3 or many pupils choose to study both).



    Numbers and dates

    Describing yourself



    At the end of this topic you will complete a practice writing assessment.

    Spanish school system

    Subjects and timetable

    School facilities

    School Rules

    Travelling to school

    Free time and healthy living


    At the end of this topic you will complete your remaining assessments. One each in reading, listening, talking and writing.

    Daily Routine

    Sports and free time activities

    Weekend activities

    Arranging to go out

    Healthy living.


    Cinema (including study of a Spanish film)




    Below you will find some guides to assist you in your Modern Languages journey:

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