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    Modern Languages - Advanced Higher

    Welcome to the Advanced Higher French course! We are glad that you wish to further develop your language skills and hope that you will recognise the major progress that you will make over the year.



    Within the course, there are four main contexts: Society, Learning, Employability and Culture. The table below outlines suggested development of the four contexts:

    Society Personal relationships New family structure/marriage/partnership/gang culture/bullying/social influences and pressures
    Lifestyle Social issues, eg effects of unemployment, gambling, euthanasia, alcohol and drugs, welfare state, environment
    Media Impact of the digital age
    Globalisation Minority languages and their importance/association with culture, cross-cultural influences, global issues
    Citizenship Global citizenship/democracy/politics/human rights
    Learning Learning in context Understanding self as a learner, eg learning styles/importance of language learning in education
    Education Advantages/disadvantages of higher or further education, choosing a university/college, lifelong learning
    Employability Jobs Searching for a job, planning for future jobs/higher education, gap year, career path, equality in the workplace, voluntary and charitable work
    Work and CVs Preparing for a job interview/importance of language in global contexts, job opportunities
    Culture Planning a trip Taking a gap year
    Working abroad (mobility)
    Living abroad
    Other countries Living in a multicultural society/stereotypes/prejudice and racism
    Traditions, customs and beliefs Social influences on/importance of traditions, customs and beliefs in another country
    Literture of another country Literature — analysis and evaluation
    Film and media Studying

    Be careful - you covered these contexts at National 5 and Higher. Do not assume that the same level of detail will be acceptable for Advanced Higher.



    The course assessment will take the form of:

    1. Two question papers, through which learners will demonstrate their reading, translation,  listening and discursive writing skills in the modern language.


    Component 1 - Question papers - 120 marks - (60%)

    Component 2 - Talking performance - 50 marks - (15%)

    Component 3 – Portfolio - 30 marks - (25%)

    Total marks - 200 marks