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    Mr Russell's musings..



    There is a time when we all need to reflect: reflect on the times we live in, reflect on our own position in our lives, reflect on the way forward or we just need to say ‘stop’ or hit the ‘pause’ button in our heads. It is easier said than done for most people. Certainly for me it is at least. Living on my own and working in department of one really highlighted my singularity. I have though tried to provide a librarian service to my school community during lockdown. Reading suggestions for pupils, literature and VE Day quizzes, and CPD ideas for staff and latterly, with Ms Nash in English, reconvened the Reading Group. I am also a mentor within librarianship profession for charter candidates. Also Mrs Webber (Art) and I helped guide our outgoing S6 in completing their 2020 yearbook. But the highlight this week was meeting some of our new S1 pupils who are coming up in August this week too (wk of 22nd June) and thanks goes to Mr Maginnis (Depute) for thinking of me to attend.


    Summer Bookmark competition:

    There is a summer bookmark competition for all new S1. There will be three top prizes of a book for the three best. All you have to is design a bookmark with a slogan (I used Reading Rocks! But please choose your own.) It can have any character from literature, Disney, folk characters, landscapes etc) Mrs Paterson (PT Art) and Mr Hynes (PT English) will judge with me. Please hand to any of us in August.



    As summer approaches, I wish you all well. Hopefully, I’ll be back on the terracing in early August at the Almondvale watching Livingston defeat Celtic and Rangers again- I wish!


    Stay safe, stay well and pick up that book you always said that you’d read!


    Mr Russell