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    Library Blog

    Pupil Takeover - By Hannah and Martha
    Mr Russell is engrossed reading ‘Map of days’ by Ransom Riggs, the fourth book in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children series, so two of the S6 Saltire Library Volunteers have taken over the library blog this week.


    Hannah and Martha: S6 Saltire volunteers coming to you almost live from the library, our second home with books our second family. For three years now we have been a part of the senior reading group, and library, where we get into heated debates that only occasionally end in a few cans of Irn Bru being knocked over. For the first time in forever, no Frozen reference intended, we are having a, now, annual book swap. Random books of our choice wrapped up to bring joy to some Senior Reading Group book lover this Christmas.


    Martha: Ain’t it shocking though that the library ain’t decorated yet.


    Hannah: Martha budge o’er, you know that’s because we’re getting to go crazy with the tinsel next week.


    Martha: Nope! Hannah, we all know I run this show.


    Hannah: Martha that’s just what we let you think to keep you from hanging holly on all the books. Not the real Holly (another volunteer) of course but honestly she wouldn’t mind living with books for life.


    Martha: OK!! OK!! Hannah we’re digressing, check me out with my fancy vocabulary.
    Advanced Higher English pupil in d’house y’all.


    Hannah: Oi Martha pretending to be American is my thing, mate.


    Martha: Oi pretending to be Australian is my thing.


    Hannah: Anyway let’s get back to talking about important matters.


    Martha: OK. Honestly the library is a great place to study and relax with a good book between busy days.


    Hannah: Well it is what got me through both my Nat 5’s and Highers. Without the library I wouldn’t have studied as much as I did.


    Martha: And let’s face it the library wouldn’t be half as good without a librarian like Mr. Russell who is so supportive and always has a good book recommendation, and Quality Streets in his cupboard. One time he made us a scavenger hunt to find them when he was away; it took us nearly a whole double period running frantically from clue to clue.


    Hannah: And no we aren’t getting paid in sweets and Irn Bru to say that!


    Martha: OK Hannah we better go now, totally not going to drink that Irn Bru and eat the Quality Streets that Mr. Russell didn’t give us ;)


    Hannah: This is Hannah and Martha signing off- keep reading for more banter next time.


    Martha: Next week: book quotes.


    < 30/11/2018