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    Library Blog 31-05-19

    Mr Russell's musings

    Someone once said that being a school librarian is all about putting the right information or book in the right person’s hand at the right time.

    Most school librarians run the library on their own and time is often the critical thing that matters most. Linking into the curriculum is something I enjoy very much indeed. To see pupils pleased with the information that they have found or a book recommendation that was successfully used  for a project makes my job rewarding.

    School ultimately is a quest: a journey to find what subjects matter to you. Teachers inspire in the classroom and the librarian supports learning and teaching. This is achieved in a variety of ways: from buying relevant subject books to support information literacy projects to having exam and study guides to providing a welcoming environment that allows creativity to flow.  Most librarians are academics and widely read and as such are well placed to provide information at the point of need.

    Last night (May 30, 2019) I was at the Rotary of Glenrothes’s celebratory dinner where our team were celebrated for their win in March for the annual Fife Secondary School Rotary Quiz win.

    Thanks to the team of Martha, Emma, Marina, Harry and Megan; and to Mr Ross (Headteacher). Mr Maginnis (Depute) and Miss McNamee (PT Languages) for supporting.