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    Parking Dangerously

    Parking has been an issue at Levenmouth Academy since it opened and efforts to reduce everyone’s Carbon footprint and increase people’s fitness levels and improve health and wellbeing is relevant in every local Community.
    There have been many complaints made to Police, Education and local Councillor’s regarding the unauthorised parking of vehicles near the educational establishments which are proving to be dangerous for health and safety reasons regarding reducing the risk of injury or death of a student as a result of careless parking instead of using the clearly marked car parking bays where appropriate.
    As a result of many parents / guardians collecting or dropping of their children at the Academy, or College buildings by simply stopping where ever they see fit, especially on Methilhaven Road and the pavement / pedestrian areas, has again caused great concerns for the majority of residents and responsible parents who do utilise the correct parking facilities and encourage their child to walk home where possible.
    This type of behaviour and driving manner clearly causes disruption and congestion to other road users, and as such there are now double red lines painted within the Academy Grounds which prohibits stopping at any time for any motor vehicle.
    Stopping on Double red lines is an offence under Road Traffic legislation and may be enforced by relevant authorities which may result in a financial penalty for the driver responsible.
    Please try and encourage your child to walk that little bit extra to be collected at a more suitable and safer collection point which will not place our young people at risk of being injured by a motorist