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    Home Economics - Nat 5 Practical Cake Craft

    The National 5 Hospitality: Practical Cake Craft Course enables learners to develop technical and creative skills in cake baking and finishing while following safe and hygienic practices. Developing their knowledge and understanding of cake design, and following trends in cake production, learners will use organisational skills to manage time and resources.

    Course Content

     The course is practical and relevant to the world of work. It enables candidates to develop a range of artistic techniques and to consolidate them through practical activities. Drawing on all aspects of design, such as shape, colour, texture, balance and precision, candidates are given the opportunity to produce a variety of individualised cakes and other baked items, and to creatively interpret a design brief.

     The course comprises of three mini assessments with specific design briefs and an ongoing portfolio record of work.




     Question paper

     =25 marks =25% Final Course Award


    Assignment & Practical Activity

    Comprises of two stages

     = 100 marks = 75% Final Course Award


    Entry Requirements


    Candidates should have achieved National 5 Hospitality: Practical Cookery course or equivalent qualifications and/or National 5 or Higher Art and Design.