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    Home Economics - Nat 5 Fashion & Textiles Technology

    This course provides candidates with the opportunity to develop detailed knowledge, understanding and skills related to textile technologies, including the characteristics and properties of a range of textiles and their uses, and to apply this knowledge in practical situations. Candidates will explore current fashion trends and investigate a range of factors affecting the fashion/textile choices of consumers. They will have the opportunity to develop and apply this knowledge and understanding by carrying out the fashion/textile item development process to develop solutions for detailed fashion/textile items that meet the needs of given briefs.


    Candidates will have opportunities to present and justify their solutions for detailed fashion/textile items, with a focus on factors that affect their choice of textiles, construction techniques to be used, and features of the fashion/textile item, in relation to the given brief.


    Candidates will have the opportunity to make detailed fashion/textile items, to an appropriate standard of quality, using a paper pattern and a range of textile construction techniques, and to demonstrate the selection, setting up, adjustment and use of equipment and tools safely and correctly.


    Course Content

    The following provides a broad overview of the subject skills, knowledge and understanding developed in the course:



    Mandatory Units


    1. Item Development
    2. Fashion Choices
    3. Textile Technology




    Question Paper in main diet of exams

    = 30 marks = 30% Final Course Award


    Assignment & Practical Activity

    Comprises of two stages

    = 100 marks = 70% Final Course Award


    Entry Requirements

    Those attempting Fashion & Textile Technology for the first time should discuss with Miss Wishart, PT Home Economics.