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    Higher Human Biology

    The course comprises of a two-part exam including both multiply choice and extend answers, with an investigation experiment and write up report.



    Human cells

    Division and differentiation in human cells

    Structure and Replication of DNA

    Gene Expression


    Human genomics

    Metabolic pathways

    Cellular respiration

    Energy Systems in Muscle Cells

    Physiology & Health

    Gamete Production and Fertilisation

    Hormonal Control of Reproduction

    The Biology of Controlling Fertility

    Antenatal and Postnatal Screening

    The Structure and Function of Arteries, Capillaries and Veins

    The Structure and Function of the Heart

    Pathology of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

    Blood Glucose levels and Obesity

    Neurobiology & Immunology

    Divisions of the Nervous System and Neural Pathways

    The Cerebral Cortex


    The cells of the nervous system and neurotransmitters at synapses

    Non-specific body defences

    Specific Cellular Defences Against Pathogens


    Clinical Trials of Vaccines and Drugs



    For entry to Higher, pupils will normally have a National 5 pass at grades A-C. S6 “crash” Highers will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

    Human Biology is recommended as a pupil choice along with Chemistry or Physics these linked Sciences work well together.

    Meeting deadlines and being resilient are important features of being successful in this course – you will be expected to carry out tasks in your own time.



    Progression Routes

    College courses that Higher Human Biology will support entry into include:

    Biological Science

    Veterinary Science





    Health Care


    Life Science

    Marine Biology


    Environmental Science