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    Free Student Software Downloads

    Below you will find a number of links to various pieces of software which can be installed on a home computer and used to aid learning in a number of subjects:
    Free student downloads for our principle 3D CAD modelling software Inventor 2019. AutoCAD, Revit, Fusion and Tinkercad are also available . Online tutorials can also be found.
    Free student download for our principle Engineering Science software for electronic, microcontroller and mechanical simulation.
    Also has resources for Maths, Computing and Sciences.
    Link to free limited time download to a graphic software suite - DET will be moving to use this after the summer. Might also be useful to Computing, Business and Art.
    Open source graphics programme for download. Might also be useful to Computing, Business and Art.
    Links to activities for use in sciences
    Learning resources to develop creativity and critical thinking skills. Predominantly for  S1-3 BGE, and Design & Manufacture, possibly Art.
    Online floorplan and interior designing tool. Best fits with Graphic Communication.