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    Course Details

    Design and Manufacture is a STEM subject which helps pupils develop technical knowledge and creative skills by designing and making solutions to real problems. Pupils will gain an insight into the creative industries and into how everyday products are manufactured.


    Topics and skills covered in the course include:


    National 4 is assessed by passing a series of units. Once units are completed, a final project must be completed to obtain a course “pass”.

    National 5 is assessed through the production of a design folio (30%), manufacturing the chosen idea (25%), and sitting a written exam (45%). The scores are added to determine grades A-D.

    Higher is assessed by completing a design assignment worth 50% of the final mark. The remaining 50% is assessed by a written examination. The scores are added to determine grades A-D.




    ·     Design & Manufacture is recommended as a pupil choice along with Graphic Communication and Art & Design, as there are links between these creative subjects.

    ·     Pupils will normally have a National 5 pass at grades A-C. S6 “crash” Highers will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

    ·     Design & Manufacture is also recommended as a STEM subject due to the technical and engineering nature of the course content.

    ·     This should not be taken as a practical woodwork/metalwork substitute.

    ·     Due to ever increasing material costs, pupils may be expected to make a financial contribution for the National 4&5 course.

    ·     There will be regular past paper question homework

    ·     Meeting deadlines and being resilient are important features of being successful in this course – you will be expected to carry out tasks in your own time.


    Progression Routes

    Pupils returning into S5/6 may progress on to Higher following attainment of a passing N5 grade. A wide range of college and university courses that Design & Manufacture would support entry to include:

    ·     Manufacturing Industries 

    ·     Graphic Designer 

    ·     Interior Design 

    ·     Fabric Design

    ·     Furniture Design  

    ·     Product Design 

    ·     Landscape Design 

    ·     Town Planner

    ·     Industrial Designer  

    ·     Car Design  

    ·     Stage & Set Deisgn,

    ·     and many more!