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    What are Colours Awards?

    At Levenmouth Academy we want to recognise the vast array of skills, qualities, talent, ability, and commitment that our extraordinary young people display both within school and across our wider community. The Levenmouth Academy Colours system is a way of recognising young people who go above and beyond the expectations with excellent achievement and outstanding service to the school and/or the community. It entitles pupils to wear colours that represent their achievement.


    To celebrate the achievements of all our pupils and to contribute to a positive school ethos, we award two levels of School Colours (Silver and Gold). 

    Colours Awards are awarded for outstanding achievement in the following areas:  

    ACADEMIC               CREATIVE                SPORT                      COMMUNITY 


    All individuals who achieve a Gold or Silver Colours award are recognised with a certificate and the relevant Colours badge. Pupils who are awarded with a Gold Award will also be presented with a Colours tie.  


    All young people receiving awards will represent our school values of: 

     Image preview


    How do I get a Colours Award? 

    The awarding of Colours can be gained through participation and success in a huge range of activities both in and out of school. In order to achieve a Colours Award, the pupil must have demonstrated a positive attitude towards staff and peers during the activity as well as in school life in general. It is expected that they will have conducted themselves in a responsible manner and will be a positive role model through their behaviour, attendance and punctuality. Any pupil who has been subject to the school’s disciplinary process will be given additional consideration by the SLT before a final decision is reached.  

    Colours Criteria and Nomination Guide:


    When and how can I apply for Colours? 

    To nominate a pupil for a Colours Award you should read the Criteria and Nomination Guide and then complete the forms survey by Monday 31 May 2021 at the link below: 



    After this date, the Colours Committee will meet and consider all nominations submitted. The Committee will decide if each pupil’s successes are worthy of Colours recognition and also the level at which they should be recognised. 


    Nominations close on 31 May 2021, so please do make your nominations today