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    What are Colours Awards?

    At Levenmouth Academy we want to recognise the vast array of skills, qualities, talent, ability and commitment that our extraordinary young people display both within school and across our wider community. 


    The purpose of Colours is to allow pupils the opportunity to take initiative, responsibility and to actively engage to influence positive change and improvement for themselves and others. To celebrate the achievements of all of our young people and to contribute to a positive school ethos, we award two levels of School Colours (Half and Full Colours) in each of the following four categories:

    All individuals who achieve a Colours award are recognised with a certificate and the relevant badge. Pupils who are awarded Full Colours will be presented with a Colours tie.


    Unfortunately due to Covid-19 we are unable to hold our annual Colours award ceremony so we have done it digitally instead. Please click here to view who has earned their Colours Award for 2020.

    We will endeavour to get certificates posted home to all families.


    How do I get a Colours Award?

    Colours can be gained through participation and success in a huge range of activities both in and out of school. The criteria for full and half Colours can be found by clicking on this link


    Can you nominate some of the incredible and inspiring young people at Levenmouth Academy who deserve recognition? Nominations are accepted from staff, pupils, parents/carers and the wider community. An appropriate adult (for example a teacher or coach) should sign pupil nominations. 


    We would love to have nominations for as many of our young people as possible to recognise and celebrate the great things they all do outside of our academic curriculum.

    When and how can I apply for Colours?

    You can download the nomination form by clicking on this link. The form can be emailed back to Mrs Belford - using the contact us button on our homepage  - or handed into the school reception.


    Copies will also be available from our school reception.All nominations must be received in school by Friday 28 February 2020.


    After this date, the Colours Committee will meet and consider all nominations submitted. The Committee will decide if pupils’ successes are worthy of Colours recognition and also the levels at which they should be recognised.


    Pupils who have met the Colours criteria will be informed by letter and invited with two guests to our Colours Awards ceremony. (Community, Creative and Sports in April 2020 or Academic in the Autumn/Winter term) 


    Any nominations submitted after the deadline will be considered for the following year’s Awards ceremony.


    Nominations close on 28 February 2020, so please do make your nominations today