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    Advanced Higher Chemistry

    Advanced Higher is available to S6 learners who have achieved Higher Chemistry

    In this courses, 3 units are covered:


    Inorganic and Physical Chemistry

    o Electromagnetic Radiation and Emission Spectroscopy

    o Atomic Orbitals and Electron Configuration

    o Shapes of Molecules

    o Transition Metals

    o Chemical Equilibrium

    o Reaction Feasibility

    o Kinetics


    Organic Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis

    o Molecular Structure and Stereochemistry

    o Molecular Orbitals

    o Synthesis

    o Experimental Determination of Structure

    o Pharmaceutical Chemistry


    Researching Chemistry

    o The practical part of the course where learners learn certain practical methods and skills.

    This course involves a degree of self-studying. Resources are available through Teams as well as Scholar.





    Learner booklets are on the individual class team and paper copies are used in class. There is an expectation for self-studying which is a skill that should be developed for higher/further education

    This course is assessed by 3 progress assessments as well as a final exam. Learners will also have to complete a project of their choice based on a course topic.


    Progression Routes

    Advanced Higher Chemistry is a required subject for courses such as Medicine, Pharmacy and Veterinary medicine. It is recommended for those who wish to study Chemistry/forensics/chemical engineering.

    It also would benefit anyone who plans to follow a career in a STEM subject, has an interest in chemistry or enjoys the subject.