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    Pupil Support Faculty


    Levenmouth Academy is committed to inclusion.  The term inclusion refers to the extent to which a community welcomes people as full members of the group and values them for the contribution which they make.  For inclusion to be effective all pupils must actively belong to, be welcomed by and participate in a school and community.  Their diversity of interests, abilities and attainment should be welcomed and seen to enrich the life of the school.


    To this end a whole school approach is taken to Pupil Support.  Classroom teachers are central participants, along with PT Pupil Support, Support Faculty Staff and the Extended and Senior Leadership Teams. Preventative strategies through collaborative assessment and least intrusive interventions are given priority.

    Levenmouth Academy uses Restorative Approaches and prides itself on promoting good behaviour and developing positive relationships.




    Pupil support requires to be adaptive and provide the appropriate level of support necessary



    Statement of Aims



    PT Pupil Support/Pupil Support Teachers


    Pupil Support Staff play an integral part in supporting pupils.  Its primary function is to support attainment and achievement, recognise achievement and promote positive destinations. Pupil Support teachers also provide pastoral care, personal and social education and vocational guidance.  Staff link with pupils, parents and teachers to monitor and support progress and to help identify and address specific needs.


    Pupil Support offers a wide range of services, which meet the learning needs of our pupils in all year groups.  These services are provided by Pupil Support teachers, Pupil Support Assistants and visiting Specialist Staff eg. Visual Impairment teachers, English as Additional Language (EAL) Support teacher, etc.


    Pupil Support Teachers liaise closely with Primary Teachers in order to become acquainted with Primary 7 pupils, and this helps to ensure a smooth transition for pupils when they begin their first year at Levenmouth Academy.


    Pupil Support is available for all pupils, where Pupil Support Teachers and Subject Teachers work together to ensure that the needs of all pupils are being met. This cooperative teaching has many advantages for pupils, more immediate attention can be given to all pupils and specialist support can be offered to pupils with learning difficulties.



    Education in the community, including Flexible Provision, in partnership with other agencies is provided to meet a range of pupils needs. Pupils who have a Pupil Support Key Worker have Additional Support Plans which are reviewed regularly.  The exact nature of support will vary according to the needs of individual young people.



    Department of Additional Support


    At Levenmouth Academy the Department of Additional Support aims to provide a supportive environment for those pupils with an additional support need who would benefit from being taught in a small group and who require a curriculum tailored to their needs.


    Levenmouth Academy is committed to the ideals of inclusion and to this end pupils based in the DAS Department have access to the whole school for curricular subjects, multidisciplinary events and social activities.  The DAS Department is self contained within the school (in the Pupil Support Faculty) but also has access to rooms elsewhere in the school.  Pupils based in the DAS Department will have Support Plans which are reviewed regularly to ensure needs are being consistently met.


    Mr Brown (Depute Headteacher, Pupil Support)

    Mr Brown has an overall responsibility for Pupil Support, DAS and all staff within departments in the school within the Faculty and works closely with all departments in the school