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    From today (Monday 22 April 2019) the school is returning to the House system for Pupil Support.


    The PTs Pupil Support for each house remain the same as prior to the Easter holidays and the Deputes for each house are as follows:


    Mrs Belford - Cotlands House – with Mr Welsh and Mr McLuskie

    Mr Maginnis - Kingslaw House – with Mr Bell and Miss Farmer

    Miss Haddow -Letham House - with Mr Kane and Mrs Robertson

    Mrs Muir - Sandwell House – with Mrs K Small and Mrs Davidson


    Mrs Moffatt is now the Pupil Support Depute and will be working with Mr Austin, Mrs Dursley, Mr Parkinson, Mr Stewart, Mr Finningham, Mrs Herd and Mrs McAllister.


    Pupils are reminded that generally they should only be in the Pupil Support corridor if they are timetabled to be there, or have an appointment with a member of staff.